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“Kathy Ong provides alternative, holistic medicine which provides many health benefits often missing from traditional medical practice. Her pleasant demeanor, genuine personality and strong knowledge base provides comfort to her clients. I have used her services to treat lower back pain and to increase overall energy levels. Her out of the box thinking is a refreshing treatment to common health concerns we often neglect. For anyone considering alternative treatment, I recommend exploring some options with Kathy.” – MS   

 “Kathy is highly intuitive and the sessions I had with her were very profound, helpful and fun. I would definitely recommend Kathy to anyone I know looking for an energy work practitioner, they will not be disappointed!”- LP   

“Kathy Ong is a Reiki practitioner i highly recommend... I leave the energy treatments feeling lighter and clearer. I know she cares about her work and anyone who meets her will definately get a sense of that...”   - DG

“I find Kathy to be a very intuitive and caring holistic care provider. She provides a warm and inviting environment that makes one feel very comfortable and at ease. She enables on open and honest discussion of thoughts and feelings that arise during the course of a treatment session. I would most definitely recommend Kathy and her care.” – BK

 "I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy for approximately four years. Over the years, I have been a grateful recipient of her holistic practices ranging from Reiki, Reflexology to Angel Readings. In all of her practices, Kathy has demonstrated skill, knowledge, integrity, professionalism and embodies a heart centered approach to her work." – PP

" I have been a client of Kathy's for several years and I am very pleased with the many services that Little Butterfly Holistic Services has to offer. Kathy's dedication to her client's needs and her level of professionalism is outstanding." – EF

“I have had both Reiki and Reflexology treaments by Kathy in the comfort of my own home, I found both modalities of treatment to be incredibly beneficial to my continued good health. Kathy is a gifted professional who can accurately assess and custom design personalized treatment plans best suited to your needs.” - NA

I am grateful for the support and feedback I receive from my clients. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please email me at Thank you and many blessings to you!
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