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Reiki is a form of energy therapy where the practitioner channels energy to the client, thereby releasing any blocks and balancing the energy. If there is a block in the flow of one's energy, it can manifest as emotional disturbances, illness on a physical level, stress or discomfort. When it is circulating freely, better physical and mental health is experienced.   During a session, laying of hands energy transfer is used to balance energy of the chakras and throughout the body, promoting healthy flow of energy in a person. 

Benefits of Reiki 

•   Helps with insomnia by releasing and balancing mental energy 
•   Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety 
•   Balances emotional energy by facilitating emotional release
 •   Removes energy blocks
 •   May help with pain and improves digestion 
•   Increases energy of person

When connected to the client's energy field, I commonly receive intuitive information on how the client can improve their vitality. For example, recommendations for improving physical energy, diet, emotional releases, etc. may be provided. The body tends to know what it needs, and when I connect to the body, the body speaks! 

I am currently not offering Reiki sessions at this time. The website will be updated when I start! Thank you!

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