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Reiki Level I

As a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA), I teach Reiki level I in accordance with the guidelines specified by the CRA.  In my research of Reiki, learning level I is helpful for healing yourself and shifting your vibration. As you shift your vibration, changes can be experienced on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I sometimes call this a 'super duper Reiki session'. To facilitate an easier shift that may be experienced after learning Reiki, it is recommended that you receive Reiki sessions prior to learning Reiki. 

Some changes noticed after learning Reiki I may be:
  • improvement in physical energy or healing of physical illnesses
  • heightened intuition, feeling more connected with Spirit Guides
  • not taking on the energy of others or not feeling so sensitive to energies
  • releasing an addiction such as workaholism, materialism, smoking, emotional eating, recreational drugs
  • improve in diet and lifestyle
  • changes in personal relationships such as changing friends or changing dynamic in existing relationships

Classes are offered privately or in small groups. In Reiki Level I, you will learn the following: 
  • The history of Reiki 
  • The principles of Reiki
  • How to work with energy
  • The chakra system
  • How to do a hands-on Reiki session 

 $200 for an 8-hour class 

**I am currently not offering classes at this time. I will update the site when I start teaching again. Thanks for visiting! 

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